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UK Based Clock Specialists

Here at Vogue we pride ourselves on our knowledge of clocks and the discerning people who buy them. Whether the choice is mechanical or quartz our wish is that you have a beautiful timepiece to enhance your environment and that it will give many years of service. When you purchase from Vogue, you have the added comfort of knowing that you are dealing with people who really know their product and are here to help and advise.     

It needs to be highlighted that we are based in England and we pay UK taxes and our products are and VAT UK TAX, in the UK.

Many companies these days sell in the UK and even have web address and to fool you further a 0800 UK telephone number. However hidden in their T&C’s is possibly an overseas address. They probably offer fantastic 300 day money back claims but to get this. Just bare in mind it has to be in the original carton, unused, and as factory packed. The internet as always is “buyers beware” don’t be outside someone TnC’s, and some websites have weak and dubious terms to say the least.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you have a guarantee issue, you might have to send it back to ‘Austria’ or some other overseas country. We can all do without the problems, so you will be pleased to know we make it simple here at Vogue.

The majority of our customers have mentioned that they had previously spent time looking for an Antique Clock, and that any clock over fifty years old is commonly described as such by a vendor. Customers have informed us that they find it difficult to ascertain the real value of any particular clock that they have seen! This brings us to the following questions - what is a genuine antique, how do you ascertain its quality, what is its real value, what will it cost to maintain and will it keep good time? Our clocks can simply be described as antiques of the future. All antique clocks were new once. Most of our clocks have the benefit of a chime, (melody) and a manual chime silent. Most have an automatic night silent facility with quality movements from Kieninger and Hermle, and automatic beat feature giving many years trouble free enjoyment.

We only sell the best!


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