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Grandfather Clocks

View the UK's largest collection of Grandfather Clocks that are for sale online with immediate delivery from UK stock. We not only supply grandfather clocks but can also set them up upon delivery (excluding the Highlands and Islands).

If you require quicker delivery we also offer buyers a link to access a short film (or alternatively a DVD) specifically about our quality clock. It’s very simple, remove the clock from the box, hang the pendulum, set the 3 weights and the time and then enjoy your purchase. All our clocks are designed with the consumer in mind, making them an easy and simple set up.

We feel quality grandfather clocks should be touched and enjoyed and so with our 50 years experience of clock sales in the UK we only use quality parts that are strong enough to be handled by the consumer. Longcase Clocks or even Tall clocks sometimes Hall clocks, Grandfather clocks and Floor clocks are terms used to describe clocks by English markers. The English terms of Granddaughter Clock, Grandmother Clocks and Grandfather Clocks are use to describe the height of a floor standing clock, however, the height can vary by more than 2 feet and still be call a Grandfather clock.

All high quality Grandfather clocks are fitted with Germany movements from either Kieninger or Hermle. These are traditionally known as 8-day mechanical wind up movements. Vogue clocks feature the Kieninger range and Hermle range of movements in all its premium quality Grandfather clocks. All Vogue clocks are designed to fit into standard English homes with conventional ceiling heights.

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