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Ashland Wall Clock Walnut

ashland-wall-clock-walnut ashland-wall-clock-walnut-dial ashland-wall-clock-walnut-pendulum
MSRP Price: £ 2,099.00 Our price: £ 1,889.00 each

  • Walnut Finish Mechanical wall clock with featured inlays and brass dial
  • Roman numerals
  • Key wind movement with pendulum
  • Westminster chime on 5-rod gong and automatic beat adjustment manual chime silencer

Ashland Mechanical Wall Clock in Walnut finish. A leading example of traditional craftsmanship in clock building. A fine walnut finish case which has been hand finished with feature inlays houses a quality built German mechanical movement. The sides feature mineral glass panels and there is a front opening glass panelled door to allow access for winding. The movement is key wound a plays Westminster chimes and an hourly time chime. The gently swinging pendulum adds life to any room and the gentle tick keeps time moving forward. The brass dial with filigree design and traditional moon phase dial all add to the charm of this attractive timepiece.   


H 33 x W13 x D7


Hermle Movement



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