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Jasmine Wall Clock

jasmine-wall-clock jasmine-wall-clock-dial
MSRP Price: £ 239.00 Our price: £ 205.00 each

  • This clock is hand made with a printed photo design
  • Some styles have these finishes scraping back to produce a three dimensional, layered effect
  • This missing paint is part of the design and unique to each and every piece
  • They are all made by hand with German engineered aluminium frames and German crystal quartz movements a stylish piece of wall art, hand designed and unique every time!
  • (Due to being handmade, designs may vary slightly from picture)

Jasmine Contemporary Modern Wall Clock. This tall, narrow printed design clock, part of the BilliB Bubble Gum range is slightly different to most other items in the range as it is printed onto acrylic and framed in aluminium for stability in a unique way and hand finished every time to create a piece of art which also displays the time. With its colourful finish it adds a new dimension to its surroundings and requires a crystal quartz movement to maintain the time keeping. Powered   by an AAbattery-not supplied. 


Height 170cm x 10cm

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